Matri is the South American leader in the gardening market.

At Matri, we design and manufacture our own molds using the latest CAD-CAM technology. We also hand select superior steel in order to maintain the highest quality and a refined finish in our products.

Matri is a 3rd generation family company, originating from Italy. Today in our product process we use the latest injection mold machinery, specially manufactured for us in Italy. The machines are about 1000 tons each and are equipped with the most advanced injection technology utilizing a closed loop system with servo valves. This process helps to create a strict automatic quality control system which controls the entire manufacturing process. Beginning with the raw material supply, passing through the injection process, palletizing and then packaging the entire productive process is made automatically and with no intervention of the human hand -achieving optimization and a low fixed cost.

Most products are created using 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic resins. Additionally, we utilize some selected recycled materials in our process to keep the quality of product unalterable while we contribute to the environment.

Our products pure colors are achieved by using master batches with UV protection, ensuring a long life even in the roughest climates.

Matri processes all of our raw materials without generating waste of any kind; we do not use any toxic materials or components that are harmful to the environment. For this reason we are proud to consider ourselves a green and environmentally responsible company. In order to keep working this way we conduct periodically environmental impact studies, which are certified by national authorities. Matri is the largest manufacturer in the Argentine market. We have also maintained a presence in the many countries we export our products. We have acquired extensive experience in international logistics, making the process a smooth transition for entry into the most demanding markets.